Cleaning your Handguns

1. Prepare Your Work Area

2. Engage Your Safeties
Make sure the gun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before you start the cleaning process.

3. Field Strip the Handgun
Field stripping is the process of partially disassembling a pistol for cleaning.

For semi-autos, the pistol is broken down to its major components, such as the barrel, slide, guide rod, frame and magazine.

For single-action revolvers, the cylinder is removed from the frame.

For double-action revolvers, simply swing the cylinder out into the open position.

All three types of these handguns may require you to remove the grip and/or grip panels.

4. Clean the Bore of the Barrel:

5. Clean the Frame & Other Components:

6. Lubricate The Handgun:

7. Reassemble The Pistol

If you do not feel comfortable cleaning your handgun. feel free to give Joe a call and he will schedule a training session that will not only teach you to clean your handgun but also to make you feel more comfortable doing it!


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