Gun Safety and Children

Every day children are needlessly injured or killed due to an irresponsible parent leaving a firearm within reach of a small child. The other huge mistake parents who own firearms make is they don’t explain to their children what guns are and what they can do. Now this is very important if you have children and you have guns in the home they need to be locked up, period. A child should never have access to any firearm loaded or unloaded, unless you are there to supervise them with it, to teach that child what it is and what it’s about. If you have a child that is 4 and up and you have a gun in the home it is time to tell that child that this is a gun you don’t ever touch it unless Mom or dad say so. This is not like what you see on cartoons, if you shoot someone they get hurt bad or they die and they don’t come back. I know it sounds graphic for a small child to hear but that’s how you protect a child, that’s how you keep a child safe.You may say I’m crazy, that you are a safe responsible gun owner that your child will never get your gun. maybe so but what about when he or she goes to their friends for a play date or to the baby sitters. Are you really going to trust that child’s parents to take the same precautions with their firearms that you do? Or maybe they even have a teenage son who has his grandfather’s pistol from the war and was playing with it loading it and gets a call from his girlfriend walks outside leaves his door open and your child now finds it and shoots his 6 year old friend or himself. Things like this happen every day.  Take that child to the range and let them hear the sound of it, let your child see what a bullet can do to a piece of fruit or even the paper. But teach them not to be afraid because it’s something that can be a lot of fun as a sport when they reach the right age and it can protect them and the family from bad people as well. No child should ever fall victim to their parents’ gun, ever. All parents need to be thoroughly trained more so than the average gun owner. For instance when you have small children you can’t come home and set a loaded gun down on your nightstand. The best bet if that’s what you normally did before you had kids is to get a biometric handgun safe that can be mounted to the wall or floor next to your bed or even to your bed. So this way it can be loaded ready to fire and yet it’s safely locked up so your child doesn’t have access and all it takes is one swipe of your finger to gain access to it.  Also go on Look up the Eddie Eagle program in your town and try to find where the next meeting is and and take your child to the meetings so your child can have a fun experience learning all about  gun safety with other kids their age.


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