Rebluing Vintage Guns

First things first when it comes to rebluing any gun is you need to be in a clean working environment with plenty of fresh air.

The chemicals used in the bluing process have a very foul odor and can be very harmful to your health if proper ventilation is not available.

Second, Rebluing Vintage guns takes a lot of patience. It is a process that cannot be rushed at anytime. You must have all materials on hand ready before starting the Rebluing process or it will not come out right. There is two types of bluing hot and cold. Hot is for your more expensive type of guns and that is a very expensive process. Cold is a more inexpensive way of doing this. Either way the grips and stocks must be removed first before the process can begin. Then the metal must be free of rust and the old bluing. Which can be removed with rust and blue removers my personal favorite is Birchwoods Blue&Rust Remover I find that works the best. Then all imperfections should be sanded out with fine grit sandpaper and/or steel wool. Then the bluing process needs to begin fast because you will be working with bare metal and it will rust fast if you don’t blue it. quickly. You can do this part over and over again till you get the desired color you are looking for be sure to wear latex gloves during this process or you will get fingerprints in the metal and they won’t come out and you will be starting the whole process over again. When timing it leave the bluing chemical on for no more than a minute before rinsing with the cold water. Then repeat if needed. Bluing is an art. I takes time and patience, it takes practice, you may not get it right on the first attempt and you may have to buy a couple bottles. But once you get the hang of it you will feel like a pro at making old rusty looking guns look like brand new again.


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