MIA The Forgotten

This is something that really touched my heart today. I seen on the news where the Missing In America Project found 42 cremains of our soldiers. One actually from the Spanish American War. What this group does is truly amazing! I give them so much credit. I just find it very heartbreaking that the best, most beautiful, most powerful and free nation in the world that exists because of it’s great warriors that gave their all to make it that way have been forgotten about for all these years. They have been put up on shelves in jars all over the country, they were left to rot all over battlefields in foreign lands. They are still all over the ocean in crashed planes lying buried in enemy mud. You know how many of our men and women risked it all to save one another. So many of them have jumped on top of grenades to shield their brothers and sisters from the blast. So many of them have taken fire to get out their wounded,their dead even just body parts. Yet certain members of our government who sit behind a desk with a pen and a phone, will give money to these foreign lands in aid. They will leave our warriors behind. They will leave our warriors crazy with PTSD because they have no one to talk to about the horrific stuff they have seen and done because they feel no one will understand them. Our soldiers stay alone on the streets with no food and just the rags on their backs. Our government leaves their bodies overseas to be disgraced and tell the families lies about what happened to their sons and daughters. Handover a flag and some dog tags say we are proud and we thank you blah blah blah. It’s enough of the lies period. The government should be fully funding this Missing In America Project 110%!  Our warriors need to be found so they can have the proper military burials they deserve. So they can be at peace knowing they are with their brothers and sisters where they belong and that they finally made it home. Salute. 

To all the men women of US Armed forces/Serving/Retired/Passed on/POW/MIA  We at Joe’s Firearm Training Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service to this Great Nation! To those of you who are MIA we will find you and bring you home that’s a promise. You Are Not Forgotten Salute.    


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