Bad Firearm Instructors…

I know some of you might find it odd that I myself being a firearm instructor
chose this topic. However I am tired of watching videos and reading articles
about students shooting themselves and their instructors.I see it almost every day on the news or even when I go to the gun range, I get that guy that comes up to me “did you see where student shot the instructor by accident or themselves by accident”. It should never happen period. It is the instructor’s job to fully teach the knowledge skills and attitude that it takes to handle that firearm safely on the range before you get to the range period. If an instructor has any doubt about putting a firearm in the hand of a student then the he or she shouldn’t. Once the student picks up the firearm you need to be in a position to where the student has space but to where you have eyes on the firearm and what the student is doing with it at all times. Instructors need to be in the position to grab the firearm in the safest way possible if necessary.  If you see your student making a mistake it’s important to remain calm not to yell or scream but to quickly address the situation by stepping in with a hand motion telling them to stop what they are doing and calmly explain to them what they did wrong and show them the correct way. Shooting is an extremely fun sport it’s, being taught the correct way to use them can save your life and lives of others without a doubt. But when taught by the wrong people, and guns end up in the wrong hands it can will become a disaster. People will get hurt, people will die. That’s why here at Joe’s Firearm Training you will get nothing but the best training possible. I will make sure when you leave my class that you have the Knowledge,Skills,and Attitude you need for the range and/or for that scary dark parking garage when some punk jumps out to rob you. You will not have accidents or injuries at the range with me except for maybe a blister from shooting too long haha…


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