Gun Control

Gun control! We hear about it everyday. From the media, the President of the United States, activists and so on. These people talk about imposing all different types of control from stricter laws, to banning guns completely. Let’s get into some of these laws for a minute here because after I talk about the laws in place and the ones others would like to put in place I would like to talk about what I believe will actually work to make us our children and our nation safer as a whole. Then I would like to get honest and unbiased feedback from whoever reads it. So let’s get back to these laws. The laws that exist in almost 50 states are that if you go to a store to purchase a firearm you must go through a background check and waiting period to obtain that firearm unless you have a concealed weapons permit which in that case you may leave that day with the firearm but you still must fill out a form on that firearm and it’s still going to be registered with the government. Many states have tried laws such as limiting how many rounds you can carry in a firearm. Back in the early 90’s we had the Clinton “Assault Rifle” ban. We have states that don’t allow you to carry a handgun at all. We have many places that are labeled     “Gun Free Zones”. Statistics show time and time again throughout history that unarmed citizens and gun free zones are more likely to fall victim to crime and have higher crime rates in their neighborhoods than in areas where people are more likely to be armed. Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, President Obama all say that guns are the problem, that we must get rid of them and impose stricter gun control laws and convince the parents who have lost their children to gun violence that the NRA is to blame for fighting the gun control laws and promoting children learning about guns. Now Then you have all the other activists out there that jump on the liberal gun control wagon. Now here is my theory on “Gun Control”. We do need Gun Control there are too many shootings to many people getting killed. My idea of gun control is way different though than Hillary Clinton’s and all the Liberals, It’s probably different than a lot of friends of mine too. First off I do believe that if people are mentally unstable and have a history of being baker acted, and prone to be violent or have been locked up for violent crimes and was proven to be violent without being provoked they should not have a gun. Second We need to stop the nonsense of   “Gun Free Zones” Putting up a sign saying gun free zone is actually saying bad guys come in and do as you please to us we are unarmed Merry Christmas. We need to start putting highly trained armed people in schools to ensure the safety of our children. Also I believe the best form of gun control is for sane people to get guns and get properly trained so they have the “Knowledge,Skills and Attitude” that it takes to store,carry,handle,and shoot a gun safely and effectively whether it be at a gun range or it’s saving your life against an attacker in an unfortunate situation. Guns are not the problem. People who don’t know how to use them correctly are the problem, and bad people who wish to use them to hurt good people are the problem. In reality gun control laws only affect us good people with guns who use guns properly and follow laws because we are the good guy. Bad guys will never follow laws and will always get their hands on guns or weapons that kill. That’s why they are the bad guys. Pretty simple really. I became a Firearms Instructor to teach the right kind of gun control because I knew it was needed. I grew up with a love and respect for guns for shooting as a sport. Never once did I want to go take a gun and just go kill people no matter how many violent video games I played  or violent movies that I watched. I was taught the right thing at a young age and it stuck with me. I grew tired of watching good people making stupid mistakes and dying because they just didn’t get trained and I continue to grow tired of good people dying because they refuse to arm themselves because they are afraid of something that they have no need to be afraid of. They have fear of guns because the media and other people tell them they should be afraid so they get mugged, raped and murdered because they can’t defend themselves  or their families against a threat that exists out there every day. I urge you people to give me a call or inbox me and set up an appointment to take some lessons get a concealed permit and get trained. So you can protect yourselves and your families. Well, Thank you for taking the time to read this, I’d appreciate your feedback and/or comments. If you have a better way I’d love to hear it.


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