The Truth

It’s time we get the facts right on a few pressing matters. For starters the media, and politicians are telling we the people who we can legally buy a fully automatic rifle,weapon of war, weapon of mass destruction in a store just as easy as you can buy a candy bar. This is just not so. If you want to obtain an automatic firearm legally you must have a class 3 license to do so. Or the firearm would have to be modified by a professional illegally or you would have to get one out from someone’s trunk. If you don’t believe me, go to a reputable gun store or several of them and ask to buy a fully automatic rifle and see how that works out for you. News flash the majority of the media and politicians don’t know about guns nor does the average american. Most Americans know what they see on TV and YouTube period. Now AR-15s Are not Scary weapons they don’t kick hard, My girlfriend is 5’2″ petite and she can fire an AR-15 all day without it bothering her a bit not a flinch when she fires that gun that’s what it’s made for to be lightweight accurate, it has no recoil. They are not as dangerous as the media is making them out to be. Any weapon in the hands of a professional killer, including their hands is very dangerous, that’s a fact. Especially when they are against unarmed, untrained people. someone trained could have taken the gun out of that terrorist’s hands in that Orlando club or taken him down when he was reloading and maybe there wouldn’t have been so many deaths and so many injured. Now what I’m going to speak of next has got me sick to my stomach, it’s got me on high alert and it should have you on high alert as well. In case you all haven’t noticed over the last 15 years since the attacks on September 11, 2001 America has been in bad shape and constantly getting worse. Radical Islamic terrorists have been hitting us at home and abroad back and forth since before and after 9/11 and now they just did it again in what’s being called “The Worst Mass Shooting In US History”!!! They have hit us with bombs, our own planes, used knives to cut off our heads, burned us alive in cages and the list of horrific details goes on and on. If “We The People” don’t do something soon to stop ISIS and the rest of the Islamic terrorists that want to kill us and our allies we may not have much of a country left to defend or to love. Make no mistake radical Islam is at war with the United States of America and if we don’t become vigilant and start learning to defend ourselves, start learning to be aware of our surroundings and not texting every 5 seconds Islamic groups such as Isis will have the element of surprise everytime. Yes we need to mourn the ones who died but don’t let them die in vain. We must learn from what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m sorry that people are on edge and hurting right now because of all the people who were shot to death a couple of days ago. That was horrible, however that doesn’t mean we sleep on it while our enemies get stronger, become better armed, and better organized while our government takes more freedoms away and makes us weaker as a society. I love America, I love people in general. I hate seeing death, I hate seeing people get hurt no matter who it is but push comes to shove, when someone comes after your family, your life, your freedom, it becomes kill or be killed period. Here is the most truthful answer ever the most deadliest, most dangerous, most powerful weapon in the world more powerful than any gun, is the human mind! We need to become well-trained, well armed and well-educated. Just like our enemies ,because our enemies our very well-trained, very organized and they are certainly well armed. I can teach you about guns , I can teach you the how,what,when and why. But what I can’t do is make you pull that trigger when the time comes to do so. However I guarantee after going to the range a time or two with me you will feel very confident with yourself and shooting a gun. Yes this is a business and I do make a small profit from it for teaching. But the way I benefit most from this is knowing that with each person I train is another person that can defend themselves and/or their family. It’s another person that can possibly save a life in the event of a terror attack or robbery, it may even be my life or the life of someone I care about that gets saved by someone I teach. That is my true reward from teaching that and I am teaching something that I have been learning and loving my whole life. Nothing better than that. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this please leave comments and/or feedback you may look me up on Facebook if you like. If you would like to make an appointment please do. You are never too old to learn, I am very easy going, I will teach you at your own pace, and I am very flexible on pricing.


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