As most of you know there is a war going on in this country right now, a war against the police. The police have been coming under from groups such as the Black Panther party, Black Lives Matter and more. These groups are saying that they are just fighting back against the police that abuse their badges and do the wrong thing. Are their cops that do the wrong thing yes but only a very small percent compared to the amount that are being killed all over the country, and the ones that are being killed have nothing to do with the ones that are bad except that they are police officers. The only other thing that is tieing them together is certain politicians President Obama for instance coming on everytime there is shooting and without having any prior knowledge of the truth he automatically blames police officers. Obama automatically says blame the whole reason for blacks killing people and robbing people, destroying property on the white man. He blames every crime that blacks commit against humanity on the notion that they were once slaves over 200 years ago and they come from broken homes and they come from poor homes. President Obama as well as other members of this government give the blacks the fuel they need for the violent behaviors the bring to society. Their are so many other people that have been oppressed because of their race or religion. Nobody had it worse than the Native Americans they are not going around complaining and robbing houses killing people off in record numbers. There are many white kids who grew up in broken homes poor and they grew up around guns and violent video games and they heard their parents screaming and fighting when they were around each other but they don’t go become criminals and I know because I was one of those white kids who grew up in a broken home with screaming and yelling and not always enough money to pay bills or food. But I never went to jail I never went and shot no one but was always around guns and violent movies and games. I became a firearms instructor and I was taught to have respect for police officers and the military and all first responders because they are the real heros superman was a fake hero is what I was taught at a young age. But guess what I don’t go and cry about it now and say my parents told me superman was fake give me meds give me everything free. I have medical problems too bad ones but I still don’t feel that the government or society owes me anything. We The People need to toughen up and start coming together as one and speaking out against these Black Lives Matter Thugs and Black Panther thugs and anyone else that wants to attack our police or our way of life. We need to back up our (LEOs) Law Enforcement Officers up the way they back us up. If we see them in trouble we need to help. They are people just like us with families and lives at home that they want to go home to at the end of their shifts. They deserve to do that, and for what they knowingly risk for us everyday the second they put on that badge and gun we owe them that much, that much respect, that much love to say no more. NO MORE!!!! NO MORE Deaths!  NO MORE Police being shot, no more ambushing of police if you see something that looks suspicious call it in. If you hear people talking about killing cops call it in. It may be nothing but it may be something. If you were to be talking about killing blacks or gays you would be looked into so it should be no different here. Blue Lives Matter. To their families to each other and damn it they should matter to us because without them we have a serious serious problem and if the guys in Blue give up and the guys in green come in we got a real problem and no one will like that. Support our men and women in blue. God bless America, the military and all our first responders who risk their lives every day to protect it.




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