The Last Chance For America

forefathers2Time to wake up America. It’s time to realize that this election is no joke. This Election is the last chance for America. We The People need to open our eyes and see all of the corruption that the rich elites and this government are bringing upon us. This country cannot take another four years of the same or worse with the debt we have, the enemies we have nor can it take another four years of the constant shredding and desecration of our constitution.  It’s time we stop worrying about democrat or republican, it’s time we stop listening to the mainstream media with all the he said she said. There are so many lies out there that we don’t what to believe and what not to believe. We have to look at the way our country has become since it all began. We must judge this election based on our history and by what is right not what is  politically correct. Is Donald Trump perfect? No he isn’t, but his record shows a lot of success throughout the last 40 years. Hillary Clinton may have held high positions in the white house and she may have done some good things in her life but she has done a lot of bad things in her life regarding this Great Nation. Hillary Clinton has failed this country time and time again. These two candidates are what we have to choose from like it or don’t like it it’s the way it is. So unless everyone is going to stand up in this country stop everything, stop working stop going to school just give up everything to go march in DC to tell the government we want our country back and we are taking it now. No one will do it, so this is why we have the two people that we have to choose from. As I said before this election needs to be determined by history not because we are democrat or republican or by what our favorite actor says or the media. We need to choose our fate, the fate of our country, our freedom, our ways of life. A lot of people ask me why Trump and why not Hillary? I could talk for hours about everything Hillary has done wrong and how her record is far worse than Trump’s ever could be. but  The real reason I am choosing Trump over Hillary goes way beyond the ” I like what he says”, or the ” I just hate Hillary”. The real reason is because when you have every one of the rich elites stepping up, and mean the people that are way richer than Donald Trump. When you have members of the U.S. Government joining forces with the media and the rich elites to attack a candidate, even to go as far as having the FBI ignoring crime after crime to let a candidate keep running against the man who talks about real change for this country including changing the leadership that has been the same for over a hundred years which has failed this country miserably and put us in the mess that we are in now. That’s why I choose Trump. I Love the United States of America with all my heart and if I was called to defend it I would in a heartbeat no regrets. But I do not like what my country is becoming due to the corrupt ELITES republican and democrats alike. The corrupt media and so on and so forth. We need someone who can’t be bought, we need for the Rich Elites to stop running this country and let the President that we the people elect to run the country. We The People are losing every right we have day by day to people whose names were never on the ballot. People who never gave nothing to this country just have used it for there own special interests to get richer and more powerful. We need someone who is going to tell the elites to go to hell I don’t need or want your money. We need someone strong who has the gumption to tell the world America is not your bitch anymore, We will do our part in the world and try to help everyone we can but not at the cost of our own people, of our own Freedom. Not at the cost of our children’s futures, not at the cost of our Constitutional Rights. We need someone who has not been corrupted by the rigged system. At the same token we need someone that understands how that rigged system works so it can be ripped apart. We need a president who will not sell out America and Americans the way Hillary Clinton has time and time again throughout her 30 plus years in the Government. I truly believe that Donald J Trump  is doing this because he cares about we the people. He wants to change the rigged system. I know this is something that Trump says a lot but it’s true as true can be, Hillary Clinton has been in for 30 years and has changed nothing that she complains about now. Under her and under other people like her time in the government  America has just declined, got so corrupt so sad. Under her and the elites time we have forgotten about our veterans, our God, our way of life has been almost lost  due to Hillary and the rest of the rigged system. Maybe Donald Trump can’t do all he says he can do but I’d rather give my vote to an underdog outsider who has not been corrupted by the politics of the rigged system, who can’t be bought or told what to do. Than someone who is already for sale to the highest bidder no matter what enemy or country it is. Someone who is already taking bids on our freedom. Someone who can ignore our soldiers and our ambassadors when they request help and let them die brutally and needlessly. Someone who can handle our nation’s most top secret information so carelessly and then lie about it over and over again to congress, to the FBI and most important lie to We The People and not be held accountable for her actions is dead wrong and by letting her off the hook for her actions it says she is above the law and we don’t need another above the law president. We need a law and order president. If Trump didn’t care he would never do this to himself in a million years. The only thing you could maybe say he is doing this because when we the people are richer and doing good he does even better because his businesses rely on people like us who go to his hotels and resorts and spend money. So if that’s his special interest to do better and be richer by helping us do better as a nation than I can live with that. This was supposed to be a prosper nation a nation of by and for the people. Sadly it’s become of the government, by the government and for the government. That’s unacceptable we are better than that and we need to cast vote so we can become more of what our forefathers  had in their beautiful vision for us. “WE THE PEOPLE” Have one last chance to do this right and get out there and vote for an actual change in leadership. For once we will have someone who doesn’t really care about the party he is in or the interests of the party. He is by and for the people and we are his special interests. America and it’s survival are his special interest. Just look at the record people. Not what the media says or what the candidates say about each other do the research on both candidates. Learn for yourselves not just what you have always been told or what you think is popular because Americans have really lost their way. It’s time to take back our Country and get back some morals and learn to value the important things in life and what keeps those things safe and whole.



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