Okay everyone wanting a concealed permit. You must bring or rent your own handgun and have at least 20 to 50 rounds of ammo. All students are responsible for their own range fee, hearing and eye protection, which must be worn at all times on the range. I usually charge $75.00 for a concealed class for men and $50.00 for women. There is also a $112 fee to the state when you go to the department of agriculture with the certificate you get from me to get the final steps done such as forms,fingerprinting, background check.   For shooting lessons I usually meet with you in your home first so I can explain different types of firearms and get you comfortable with a firearm in the privacy of your own home before we go to a range I charge $35.00 for the initial visit. I am $40.00 an hour at the range, remember you can do a lot of shooting in an hour. I also do in the home instruction where I teach you how to defend yourself in your own home. I go over the layout of the home and teach you what to do in the event someone breaks in. This involves a lot of details. I usually charge $200.00 for this service. It’s well worth it especially for those of you that have guns and children in the house. I talk to you about the correct ammunition to use and what the best gun to use in the home how to store them safely and much more. I am very flexible on most things except for when it To clean guns I am $50.00 an hour I usually can clean most firearms in an hour unless they are really dirty then sometimes it will take me 2 or 3 if it’s more than 3 I will reduce the hourly charge. I am aware that you can get concealed permits cheaper in other shops and/or ranges. However when I do a concealed permit course I prefer that you go through at least 50 rounds instead of what most other places that does this has their students fire 1 to 3 shots if any at all take their money and say you passed have a nice day. I unlike many other instructors I became an instructor because I got tired of seeing all these accidental shootings because someone got a concealed permit and did not learn a thing. It takes a lot of practice for someone to be able to obtain the Knowledge Skills and Attitude that is needed to carry,handle,store and/or shoot a firearm safely and effectively. Not only do I understand all this but I genuinely care for people and don’t like seeing the wrong people get injured or killed do to ignorance and neglect of instructors or themselves. In just one session with me  you will have a great understanding of how it’s done. You may never want to shoot a gun again (HIGHLY UNLIKELY)!! or you may become a fanatic and want to go every day everyone is different shooting or carrying a gun isn’t for everyone. Some people take longer than others and that’s okay I will not push people through the class just so I can collect my money and run.comes to people asking if they can just buy a certificate off of me, the answer is NO WAY!! Or if people just can’t follow direction if I feel they are a danger to themselves to myself or others at the range I will end the class immediately and you will fail and no refunds for reckless behavior. Money is collected up front and cash only. If you bring 2 or more people than just yourself I will give discounts.  Firearms are a lot of fun they can keep you safe and much more, but they are a huge responsibility. All students must be 21 years of age or older have ID.

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