If you need Gun’s and Ammo? Need to get a concealed permit, want to buy that special someone a beautiful peace of Jewelry, then look no further because here at Big Charlie’s we got a great Selection of New&Used/Rare Guns,Ammo. We also got a great collection of Knives,Accessories such as Scopes, lasers all kinds of sights. We have tons of custom made Jewelry,Gold,Silver, Bullet Jewelry,Bullet Pens that come in a really cool hard gun case jewelry box. We got lots of gun cases/holsters. We got NRA Certified Instructors on site who can help you with any questions you may have about getting a concealed permit,carrying a gun, etc. We got Phenomenal gun smiths. We offer Gun repairing/cleaning services. We have great smelling odor Eliminating Candles that all the money we get from these candles go to support our US Military and first responders. We got lots of Pistol and Rifle Magazines standard and Extended. If for some strange reason we don’t have something please let us know and we will do our best to get it for you as quickly as possible. We are also one of the few gun stores who really and truly stick by our 2ND Amendment rights and we believe that every sane law abiding citizen should be able to protect themselves anywhere which is why we allow RESPONSIBLE CONCEALED CARRY IN OUR STORE!!! We do mean concealed and any gun brought in for repair or cleaning must be unloaded unless you have a round stuck in the chamber from a misfire or something of that nature and in that situation bring it encased and let us know and we will deal with it. Please keep in mind that we just reopened after a complete remodel so we will be bringing more products and services to the store little by little. Now to pay Tribute to a Great Friend, one of the best Gun Smiths ever and teacher. The man who started Big Charlie’s MR Charles Shepherd. Charlie was One of a kind, He knew more about guns and shooting than most people could ever hope to learn in 2 life times. He was great friends with my father ever since I was a little kid and I learned so much from Charlie about guns and shooting curse words as well (Chuckle). Charlie never held anything back and if he liked you he loved you and would let you know it. If he didn’t like you, well he’d let you know that too real fast (Chuckle) Well sadly we lost Mr. Charlie 10 Months ago. To keep his legacy on My family and I got together to help his wife/owner of Big Charlie’s Teresa Shepherd get the store remodeled and modernized and reopened. Charlie’s wife Teresa does so much for our Fallen Police officers, their families. Along with supporting our US Military and other First Responders in so many ways. Sure you can go to another gun store there are thousands of them all over Florida, But you will not find one that has the guns the knowledge or the ability to connect with customers on a personal level rather than just the normal I want to sell you something and take your money and kick you out of the store. We actually care about our customers and want them to leave happy,feeling like they learned something and got their money’s worth. Well, come down and check us out and/or please like,comment and share our posts and pages. Like most small business mom and pop stores we need all the advertising and good reviews we can get. Well Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this message. More listings of products and upcoming events will be up soon take care everyone God bless you and God Bless America.

RIP Charlie, Thank You for the friendship,the endless knowledge and all the laughs that we had over the years. You will be forever missed but never forgotten, I just hope we all make you proud with the store and keep it going as long as humanly possible. Untitled design (41)

Blue Lives Matter



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