What I do

I Teach “The Knowledge,Skills, and Attitude” that it takes to store, handle, and fire a gun safely and effectively whether you are at a range shooting paper targets, out at your family’s hunting property or in the privacy of your own home facing an unwanted intruder.  I train everyone, from men, women, and children that have shot guns before to people who have never seen a gun before in their life. I teach concealed weapons classes as well as private one on one classes and/or groups. My main goal is to try and make every individual as comfortable as I am with a firearm. I also teach in-home protection classes which is where I teach you and/or your family what to do in the event someone breaks into your home.

I make it a point in fact to never belittle or put down any other instructors because there are a lot of great ones out there and I’m friends with quite a few. However, there are some out there that feel that once you give them $50 or even $75, all they need to do to make you prepared is have you watch a video about a pistols and revolvers, quickly go over range commands, show you a couple different shooting positions, and then make you fire 1 to 3 shots. Afterwards, they give you a big pat on the back and they tell you “congratulations here is your certificate.”

That just doesn’t cut it for me because I was taught there’s more to handling a firearm safely than that. If you take my course, I promise you will never forget the valuable things I have taught you about firearms and most importantly, you will comfortable carrying your own firearm. How is that possible you might ask? Mainly years of experience with firearms as well as being trained by some of the best people around! Interested in contacting Joe’s for firearms training? Give us a call today!