Why Choose Joe’s?

You should choose Joe’s Firearms Training because you’re going to learn a lot and have a great time doing it! You will feel like you’re with family by the end of your lesson. My family means everything to me and so does yours so I make it my goal to make sure you know how to protect your family. I take the safety of my students lives and the lives of their families just as serious as I would my own. When I teach you what to do in the event someone breaks in your home and intends to do harm to you or your loved ones; it is same things I would teach my loved ones. There is no greater feeling in the world knowing that I have passed on to you the knowledge it takes to protect your family. 

        I have friends and family in the military and in law enforcement and I have the upmost respect for those people that put on the uniforms, the badges, and the guns every day for the “RIGHT REASONS” and choose to become targets in order to protect our streets. The dangers that exist in the outside world will inevitably at one point in your life, enter unexpectedly. This is why I feel its important for everyone to learn to become their own protection period.  Please email or call me for more information and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.