When it comes to firearms, you could say we are a one stop shop here at Joe’s. Not only do we Teach you about firearm safety and how to shoot, we also teach you to defend yourself in life or death situations at home or in a dark parking lot. Joe’s Firearm Training now offers full gunsmith services. Everything From trigger jobs, to custom builds, to repairs, however, Please do not ask us to turn semi-autos into fully-automatics.

Can it be done? Yes! Will we do it? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

We do everything by the book at Joe’s and we follow the laws because we have nothing but respect for police officers, first responders, and our military. We offer laser boring on rifles, pistols, and shotguns in order to get your scopes or lasers spot on the target. We even have an in-house FFL dealer that can ship and receive firearms from all over.

If it has to do with getting trained with firearms or self-defense, look no further than Joe’s. We aim to please our customers and give them best service possible, and here at Joe’s, we always hit what we aim for!